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When Did Your Heart Lose Touch With the Light?

Our Search for Meaning and Significance in Our Life's Work

Dear friends and followers,

I believe we all have chosen to be here, right where we are, at this very moment in time. Are we making the most of our lives?

Are we happy?

How would life be different if we could step outside the rat race, the expectations surrounding us, the societal norms, the religious boxes, the gender roles, the racial and cultural lines? What if all of the boxes, and all of the lines, and all of the cages we believe┬áthat keeps our heart from being free… what if they suddenly disappeared?

What would that feel like?
What would we do?
Who would we be?

I launched TRIBE.LY in 2011 to serve entrepreneurs and host a conversation around attracting and gathering our tribes. The conversation evolved over the years…

  • beginnining with building an audience and a list in order to sustainably offer our gifts
  • to building close knit tribes of people along the same journey, to offer support, service to each other and safe space
  • to learning how vulnerability in safety with a tribe can lead to powerful individual transformation
  • to discovering that┬ásynergistic collaboration as a tribe can propel an idea into motion with speed and force

While there were many small, and beauty-filled experiments and life changing discoveries along the way, it wasn’t enough to prevent me from bringing everything to a DEAD HALT in January 2014.

I stopped.

Suddenly, I found my entire life in a tailspin… descending… losing momentum… losing hope…

Have you been there?

Do you remember that 180 degree moment in your life?

I’d like to share more with you in time. I’d like to start some conversations, and hear about what that “tailspin moment” was like for you.

And, then…

I’d like for a group of us to rise up from the ashes. I have no idea how many of you will be along for the ride. I’m leaning into the universe right now to send the right people, even if its just one… or even if its just me.

This next season for TRIBE.LY will be a season of rebirth…

A season of flight…
A season of grief…
of letting go and moving forward.
A season of grace…
and forgiveness.
A season of renewal…
A season of discovery.

Will you join me?

To learn more about my journey over the last year, and to continue forward in the journey toward flight together, to finding our tribes together, to reclaiming our power in the gift we all hold within, and to stepping our way back into the light…

My Name is Jason Spencer and I Build TRIBES