Finding Asheville

Finding Asheville

Welcome Finding Asheville Podcast listeners!

I’m so glad I had an opportunity to have a conversation with Nathan Miller, and am excited that you stopped by to check out TRIBE.LY.

Below are a few resources and links (some¬†Asheville related blog posts over the past few years as you scroll down) that you might find interesting as you get to know what I’m up to.

I would love to hear about you though, too… Please leave a comment below and tell me about yourself and about some of the things you are up to or incubating in this great city of Asheville and beyond!

The “Best Of” TRIBE.LY

The TRIBE Builder’s Manifesto¬†(Free eBook Download)

What do you believe about your heart?

The Upstream Journey to Find Ourselves and Our Greatest Treasure

The Falcon and the Escape From the Rat Race

The Broken Record Lie That’s Killing Your Art and Business

Playing the Real Life Monopoly Game

Why I Stopped Charging and Invoicing Clients

The Flight Formula Business Incubation Program

Asheville Related Content

My first day in the Asheville area spent in the ER – 11/14/11

Hiking at Bent Creek, Fear of Snakes, etc. – 5/22/12

Inspired by Asheville’s very own Laura LaVoie and her 120 sq. ft. house – 9/28/12

Bar Room Conversations (Scully’s) about Money, Economy, and Gifts – 7/23/13

Asheville Blogger Society Meetup Presentation – The Artist’s Flight Formula – 8/6/13

Chances are good that if you live in Asheville, you know the always inspiring Majo -4/14/14

See you around town! I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

My Name is Jason Spencer and I Build TRIBES

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