Who are (or were) your heroes in life?

Have you ever wondered about the commonalities of most of the great heroes?

Consider some of the elements that make up a hero…

The Pain — past wounds, discontentment, dissatisfaction for a wrong in their world, feeling of being trapped

The Dream — a general feeling that they were meant for something more, a pull toward a specific point of growth or goal in their life, a yearning or desire to correct the pain.

The Journey — a process of growth, challenging circumstances that mold the character of the hero, the path the hero must take to discover their purpose, to unveil their strengths and gifts, and prepare themselves for their ultimate destiny

The Fulfillment — the self actualization, the hero comes alive and fulfills his purpose for the world, meeting the needs of others that he was meant for.

Think about some of the greatest heroes in your favorite movies or comic books. Think about the real life heroes in your life or perhaps heroes of past generations in world history. Consider their pain, their dream, their journey, and their ultimate fulfillment.

My favorite heroes growing up were Michael Jordan, Batman, Jesus and my Dad. I can specifically pinpoint pains, dreams, journeys, and fulfillment for all four. The beautiful thing is that they are all different. They were all built to touch the needs of specific people. And it was their pain, dreams and journeys that enabled all four to reach the lives they were meant to reach.

A hero that never dreamed is stuck in their pain.
A hero that never journeyed is stuck in their dream and their pain.
A hero that never saw fulfillment of their purpose is stuck in their journey, their dream, and their pain.

We were all meant to be heroes to someone.

I was created to be a hero for someone.

You were created to be a hero for someone. Believe it.

Where are you in the process of building you? The hero.