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You’re with me… I can feel it.

You wouldn’t have made it this far, if you didn’t feel the power of this topic.

Over 200 people signed up for the resurrection of this blog before the first post was even published. People are hungry and this TRIBE is real about a powerful statement and commitment…


Question for you…

What is the most significant change that you have made? 

I’m talking about something you personally manifested… created… activated.

It could be a change you spearheaded in your own life. Or a life of another.

It could be a change in your home… in your relationship… at your school or workplace… in your community… in your country… or on the planet.

And if nothing is really coming to mind, then consider this… What will be the most significant change that you make in your lifetime?

I’d love to hear your stories, and get a discussion going in the comments below.

Because here’s the thing…

Our planet is dying right now.

There are more kids than ever before dying of hunger and thirst in this world. 21,000 people die of hunger every day. And Here are just a few stats on the clean water crisis.

Hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism, and every type of discrimination is well and alive right in our backyards, in the “land of the free, home of the brave”. This pamphlet was found locally in my neighborhood on a car’s windshield… (disgusting, right? this is 2016!)


The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Artists are starving, while the banksters and wall street wolves are lining their pockets. (Watch The Big Short and get angry – it’s justified)

Our mainstream education systems continue to proliferate the ridiculous notion that every child should come out the same, with the highest possible achievement on standardized tests so we can ensure that everyone knows their arithmetic (that adults just use calculators and apps for), science, social studies (that adults just use google for), and English (the man who just secured the Republican nomination for President of the United States is running at about a 4th grade level of English). And these systems continue to ignore the advances we’ve made in rethinking our views of intelligence. Somehow, we’re still more focused on weaknesses for standardization sake instead of investing in strengths and intelligences.

These are just a handful of important issues that our generation, and generations to come are faced with. I could go on and on. I mean there’s war, politics, religion, health, technology, global warming, separation, community, and so much we could talk about changing.

It all seems so big. Impossible, even, at times.

Regardless, it is changing.

There are leaders rising up.

There are movements beginning and movements growing.

There are TRIBES forming and people gathering.

But this isn’t a guilt trip… this isn’t a test to measure what your involvement in change is.

This is simply a question for you to do nothing but sit and meditate with.

As you sit with the Nahko song above… and you hear these words… and feel these high vibrations penetrating the soul… what is it that you hear? What is it that is calling?

Imagine swimming around inside of your body. Where is the voice, or the feeling, or the shape, or the movement? What does it want to say to you?

Mmmm. Just pause and feel into that.

How to Begin to Make a Change

You want to make a change. You want to leave a legacy. You want to impact this world.

So, where do you begin?


Deep. Deep. Within.

There is not a single change that is possible if it doesn’t exist within us first.

Not one.

The most powerful change you can make, in this moment right now, is already intuitively known, by your body, your soul, your heart, and your mind.

We all have this calling, too. If you can’t feel it, or hear it, or sense it, or know it… then simply ask the question… What is getting in the way of me hearing the deepest yearning and calling within me right now? And work with that. Because sometimes the change we need is to simplify, to strip back a layer, to remove an obstacle, so that we are able to be in tune with our bodies, aligned with spirit, and open to expansion and truth in our life.

We are born to heal.

We are born to transform.

We are born to change.

Let’s begin this journey together, deep within. Name the voice. Name the yearning. Name the truth.

Please, don’t participate in this challenge and topic alone. We need each other. If your words can inspire one other person to see themselves more clearly, to find their own yearning and deep desire for change within, then you’ve participated in a monumental change that will ripple its effects for days, months, and years to come.

Comment below, and share about your past experiences with change, inside and out, or your calling and yearnings toward change. I can’t wait to hear what this TRIBE is called to change.


My Name is Jason Spencer and I Build TRIBES