The One Thing You Need to Do to Become a Writer

The One Thing You Need to Do to Become a Writer


That’s it.  This could either be the world’s shortest blog post, and I could end with that one word…


I could spend a few minutes introducing you to someone who has personally been a big influence in my process of becoming a writer.

Allow me to introduce you to a friend that has inspired thousands of people to stand up and decide for themselves that, “I Am a Writer”.  Jeff Goins, from, is nothing short of brilliant.  Jeff is a blogger, a marketer, an author of several books, a contributor to countless publications online and offline, a speaker, but most of all… A Writer.

With 181 million different blog options for people to choose from for content in the blogosphere, it is more critical now than ever before to stand out as a great writer.  You can’t afford to sell your story, strengths, and purpose short by ignoring the critical skill of writing. That’s where Jeff’s gifts come in as a great inspirer and teacher.

Jeff is one of those writers, for me, that rises up above the congested blogosphere, to deliver something extremely valuable and authentic.  I was deeply moved and inspired by his free eBook, “The Writer’s Manifesto“.  I owe Jeff some credit, actually, for motivating me to complete my own eBook, “The Tribe Builder’s Manifesto – Your Small Spark Can Change the World”, which is being released next week.

Stop Seeking Validation

According to Jeff Goins, in his new book, “You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One)”, the decision within yourself to become a writer is the most essential step.  It sounds so elementary; too simple even, but Jeff is right.  I’ve seen it over and over again in so many different people.  Most people seek knowledge, education, certification, accreditation, approval of others, experience, and so many other forms of validation.  The validation is a false hope, because to become a writer, the choice is what matters… after all, writers are born, not made.

One Thing You Can Do Today

Today, you may not be ready to make that decision to call yourself a writer.  You may sense that your story has power, but you do not feel worthy or ready enough to start putting it into words.

Grab onto some inspiration today, and feed your soul.  Jeff’s work is incredibly powerful and his words have the ability to speak to the heart.  With a two-thumbs up recommendation, I’d suggest starting with, “You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One)“.  It is available here.

Inside, Jeff shares his personal story of turning his career upside down on the critical day that he made the decision to become a writer.  He also dives headfirst into some incredible “get paid to write” secrets, for both bloggers and writers seeking publishing deals, freelance writing jobs, etc. that you can start applying and using to gain an edge for yourself in the marketplace.

If you find Jeff and his book inspiring and helpful in your process, please come back and share by posting a comment below!

Here’s to your decision to become a writer!

My Name is Jason Spencer and I Build Tribes.


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  1. Awesome. I needed to hear this today.

  2. I found your blog from the post you put up on The Illuminated Mind (The post you put over there spoke to my heart man!)

    I think one of the things I have struggled with is the constant search for validation. Some days I find myself just questioning my abilities simply because I haven’t heard someone say “Wow, that is great.”

    I have to move beyond this if I am going to become a successful writer. For one, it never works to do stuff for the validation of others. And two, my focus needs to be on improving my craft.

    Though, I am very new to the writing game. I enjoy it thoroughly. I’ll check out The Writers manifesto

    • It is hard to move forward without anyone speaking into your work and affirming it. The more you do it, the more self-therapeutic I think you will find it. Then you can just be satisfied doing it for yourself. Invite people through your social networks to read, and eventually you’ll start getting some feedback. Just don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come right away. Start making friends with some influential bloggers, so that you can eventually do a guest post for a larger audience, and that’s when the real feedback will start pouring in, and you’ll know if you’ve got something that resonates with people or not.

  3. Thank you so much. Published my first children’s book ‘Molly’s Vote’ this January fulfilling a dream and have two books in my head now but I have still not managed to call myself a writer! I must now. I declare today that I am a writer!

  4. Congrats! This is a huge step that most never take. You can do it!



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