broken record lieDo you ever think you come across like a broken record?

Saying the same things over and over again?

Do you get tired of hearing your own voice, because it all seems so repetitive to you?

After all, you think about these things all day, and then you say them out loud.

Isn’t the world tired of me, yet?

Shouldn’t I just shut up and allow others with fresher, more relevant ideas to speak?


So I’m not the only one plagued by the curse of the broken record.

The Broken Record is a Lie that’s Killing You

It was Monday night in downtown Asheville, at a local bar called Scully’s.

Every other Monday, I attend and co-lead a spiritual/cultural conversation called The Open Table.

It’s been a pillar in my schedule for almost 2 years now.

This past week, the topic was on Scarcity and the Sacred.

We take turns one by one around the table responding to 2 specific questions that the main leader develops ahead of time, and then we open it up for an open forum discussion.

This week, something happened as I was sharing my response to the second question.

I found myself with one of those chills down the spine epiphanies — you know, that profound moment when you discover something core about yourself or feel like you’ve suddenly stepped up a level in your process.

At first, it was a negative voice — “You sound like a broken record – you are saying the same things over and over again.”

And then another part of me suppressed the negative voice and embraced the “broken record” – and I came to a realization that what I had almost labelled and discarded as a broken record was really my true core purpose and message.

I was talking about much of the same things that I blog about, and coach people through.

The reason I was able to recognize it as such in that moment was because of the immediate feedback I was getting…

The faces around the table.

The nods of agreement.

The eyes of resonance looking back at me as I spoke.

And then the positive responses after I spoke.

Suddenly the realization kicked in…

1 person out of the 12 around the table has heard me speak on these things before. 11 have not.

And that 1 person that has heard me before… not in the context of this new conversation. The core message that is coming out of me might be the same old lens that I’ve used many times, but the framework of the discussion at this table, on this night, with this group, is fresh and unique.

So, in reality, I am the only one that perceives the “broken record”.

You are the only one that perceives your voice as a “broken record”.

It’s all in your head.

And it’s a lie that’s killing you. (and many others)

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How the Broken Record Kills

The true nature of resistance is to squelch the core message within you, to keep you as a member of the walking dead, and to ensure that you will never truly step into your purpose and be fully alive.

When you accept the lie that your voice is a broken record, guess what happens?

You shut up.

You stop speaking.

You repress your core message.

You keep your gifts, your strength, your spark inside.

You spit in the face of the needs in the world.

You rot in bitter selfishness.

You die.

Kind of harsh, right?

But, it’s the honest truth.

If you truly believe in purpose, that you were meant to serve a need in the world, who exactly are you to buy into a lie like this and shut down?

“Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” – Maggie Kuhn

The world needs the gift that is contained within your core message.

If you’ve gotten to the point that something inside of you is telling you that you are a broken record, then you are much further along the path toward purpose than you believe!

Keep going.

Keep speaking.

Tools to Combat the Broken Record Lie

A few things to keep in mind next time you hear the voice communicating the lie of the broken record…

  1. Not everyone has heard your voice yet.
  2. Conversational context changes and adds depth to your voice. You may have the same core message to relay, but it will come through in unique ways as the context of the conversation changes.
  3. Who said repetition is a bad thing? Some people need to hear your core message over and over again, because repetition will allow it to sink in over time. Have you ever watched a great movie or read a great book or listened to a great album more than once? Of course!
  4. Steal like an artist. (Read this book) Musicians borrow beats, riffs, harmonies, tunes all the time. Same old stuff, just mixed together differently. You might think you are just copying other people’s core message, and in some ways, you are, but your story, perspective, and combinations are uniquely different and allow your voice to be 100% YOU.
  5. You change, mature, and evolve. So does your voice. Keep working at it, because none of us have fully arrived. We’re all a work in progress. Fine tine and refine the message over time, but never stop the practice of using your voice.

So tell me, what does your “broken record” sound like? Seriously, do share! (in the comments below)

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